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The first blog post on Astro Reflections.

After the technical construction the time has come; you can blog about astrological topics.

Astrology Blogging: “Is That Likem Bragging About Your Car ?! ” I can already hear a lost visitor think out loud. No, that’s not the case on this website and blog posts. More specifically, I don’t have a car so that’s not possible at all.

As an eternal astrology student, you never stop learning. It’s that simple. Continuous research is being conducted into; galaxies, planets, astrological interpretation methods, refinement of existing astrological definitions, rediscovery of ancient lost classical astrological knowledge, etc, etc.

The list is actually endless and you never stop learning. At least, and the fact that I’m an “eternal student” just makes it pleasant. In my humble opinion stagnation wants predominantly decline.

So blogging is an ideal “eternal astrology student” tool for precisely the reason above. Simply because I believe that no one has all the wisdom and knowledge. After all, we are and remain people (yes … also astrologers ….. even though astrologers and / or who consult astrologers sometimes think differently) and I can only speak for myself; I am not infallible.

And precisely in the process of reflecting on; new knowledge, other insights, opinions, etc, etc, is the true philosopher’s stone.

So please visit the website and blog posts regularly, and comment if you want to share anything meaningful about the blog post topics with me and any other eternal astrology student.

Of course, meaningful comments are posted after moderation, so nonsensical comments are not.