Astrology blog

It’s been a while since we posted our last blog on our website. We received messages: “(…) why we stopped publishing and being active on our website?!. (…)”

That fact also says something about Astro Reflections, and our view of astrology in the broad and narrow sense. Repeating and writing about things that have already been written about too much is not communication and adds nothing, but only breaks down the truth about a subject.

In general, writing about astrology is as old as astrology itself, and there are three general forms of written communication in the history of astrology:

  1. Writing letters between astrologers themselves in ancient times on topics of research and discoveries about astrology, and the academic study thereof and/or its influence on astrology,

  2. Writing predictions (horoscope, hour angle, etc.), whether by order and/or mundane, for individuals and/or groups,

  3. Writing down acquired knowledge and skills from and about astrology for future students. Either preserving the astrological knowledge in the form of memoirs/books/etc.

We regularly search and read on the internet, books, articles, magazines, etc., about (classical) astrology and related subjects. With the conclusion that one writer is definitely not the other and that some astrological communications lack (true) content and wisdom. In other words, many communications have a lot of form and words, but no true content.

It cannot be otherwise, considering that the number of astrologers has also increased dramatically from about 1600 AD.
It is in our humble opinion that not every astrology student and/or astrologer is capable of writing about astrology. That is also not possible, but more importantly; you don’t have to (I will come to this later).

And in our age of the internet, social media, etc., it seems to be the rule; to write and publish as much as possible without truly communicating. A small example; if you type in Google: “astrological predictions 2022” you will be inundated with websites, articles, books, promotions, social media, etc. A lot of these communications are the same song..

So much has already been studied, described, published, in short; much is already known. As an astrology student / astrologer; so you don’t have to keep writing and publishing on a subject (and here it comes back..) More of the same writing adds nothing, other than that he / she apparently also wants to be read, seen, heard. In our opinion. And that is exactly what astrology is not about: wanting to be read, seen and heard.

If we look at the first generation of astrologers in the Netherlands in the mid-1960s who all thought they could benefit from astrology commercially, most of them got away with it very poorly. That is (was) only logical for us. Even the old astrologers who gave us our knowledge; have died “poor” in that context, or at least were poor in life after having studied astrology.

Astrology is a force that cannot be abused by; the astrology student/astrologer for self-interest, profit, self-fame, and more self-centered motivations. In other words; the world and planets don’t revolve around the astrology student/astrologer; but the astrology student / astrologer rotates in the world and the planets.

Astro Reflections means as much as; reflecting ourselves on a larger and/or more specific whole. And in that inner confrontation are hidden the golden insights of astrology that have no earthly value or can be attributed in money, fame, or glorification of the “I” in particular.

Everything in this world has a price, including the use of the powers and insights of astrology. Namely, for astrologers the adage applies: “As above, so below.” And if there is a higher power that has given us astrology, it will also guard against its misuse.

See your self truly inwardly, and consider your actions outwardly in relation to the cosmos; and then honestly ask yourself whether quality over quantity, or quantity over quality, before you publish on astrology.