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Time flies, and there is still so much to learn about astrology, also in the Netherlands.

Although Astro Reflections is always looking for new discoveries and information about astrology, and reflective about astrology, we thought it worthwhile to pay attention to this topic.

In the history of Dutch astrology there are, in our opinion, two striking persons:

  1. Mrs. Mellie Uyldert, born in 1908 and died in 2009,

  2. Mr Jan Bernhard Gieles, born in 1918 and deceased in 2007.

  • Mrs. Uyldert is known for her combination of (theosophical) astrology and the resulting natural nutritional supplements for a healthy life. She published the first Dutch astrology magazine: de Kaarsvlam.
  • Mr. Gieles is known for his classical astrology and minus one system. He also published an astrological magazine: Sagitarius.

What these two Dutch astrologers unintentionally shared with each other; is the Second World War from 1940 to 1945. Both Mrs. Uyldert and Mr. Gieles have both subsequently practiced astrology in the Netherlands, and had a astrology practice after the war. Both have also died in the Netherlands.

Their influence and conscious awareness regarding astrology in the Netherlands has been completely different. Mrs. Uyldert wrote numerous books after 1945 that have left their mark on astrology in the Netherlands, as well as her astrology practice, and together with the magazine de Kaarsvlam. She inspired many people with her astrology and her knowledge of plants and food supplements.

Mr. Gieles influence and progress in astrology in the Netherlands can also be called startling. His minus one system, astrology practice, astrology courses, and Sagitarius magazine, have also inspired and / or helped various people.

These two striking people have therefore helped introduce and make astrology possible in the Netherlands. Although they both had their own specific concrete approach to astrology, this does not alter the fact that they have laid the foundation for the fame of astrology in the Netherlands among most people who were interested in it then, and now possibly unconsciously.

Considering that astrology is not a dead science but a living science, the origin of astrology in the Netherlands is therefore just as important to know. Not mentioning these two prominent Dutch astrology pioneers would not do them, and historical astrology Netherlands, justice and neither would it doe future astrology students in the Netherlands.

A lot of information can be found on the internet in 2021. Sometimes objective, and sometimes subjective. Astro Reflections has no opinion, preference, or otherwise a position on any other matters reported about these two persons anywhere.

Purely substantively, these two striking persons are mentioned here on their objectively knowable and verifiable deeds exclusively for the benefit of astrology in the Netherlands. Only the actual history of these two striking people in astrology in the Netherlands are therefore of importance to Astro Reflections on the basis of what we ourselves have been able to check objectively.

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