General Data Protection Regulation

Who we are:

Astro Reflections is an online platform that communicates on all topics regarding astrology, horoscopes, and related topics.

Our website address:

Purpose of the data collection:

We therefore only collect your personal data with your explicit permission for: reactions to the blog page, e-mail traffic, personal consultation, newsletters, to keep the operation of the website and blog optimal, and all other communications for which you are expected to give us explicit permission for.

Recipients data:

Only Astro Reflections receives the personal data you actively provide. We never share your data with second, third or other parties without your permission, unless there is a legal obligation to do so, or you have given explicit permission to do so, or if this is otherwise necessary and cannot be done otherwise. The website cookies are therefore (anonymous) personal data that Astro Reflections explicitly must share (anonymised) with the third party Google with your permission to keep the technical operation of the website and blog optimal.

Retention period data:

Astro Reflections does not store personal data longer than necessary. If our storage space becomes too small, we will proceed to the permanent deletion of the personal data. This is an activity that is regularly undertaken by us.

Your rights:

You have the right to:

  • Insight,
  • Rectification,
  • Right to file a complaint with Astro Reflections or the Dutch Data Protection Authority,
  • Right to stop collecting your data and / or permanently delete your personal data.

In case of complaints and / or otherwise exercising your rights, you give us permission to use your personal data to obtain second and / or third party advice. This is to comply with your rights and requests as fully as possible and in accordance with the law.

Required data:

If you wish to communicate with us, or otherwise interact socially, you will at least need to provide us with your basic personal data. These are indicated with an atrisk (*) as being mandatory to complete before we can communicate and / or interact with you on our online contact form(s).


Astro Reflections has an SSL certificate for all website components. Various internal (invisible) security measures have also been taken against: hacking of the website, mallware, and other attempts by a second or third party to gain illegal access to the server and / or website and the data. Where possible and necessary, two-step authentication is used.

Contact details:

You can send your requests, but also comments and remarks, and information with our online contact form.