Frequently Asked Questions

Is astrology looking at coffee grounds?

No astrology is not: looking at coffee grounds, dowsing stars, being a medium, etc, etc. Astrology was / is objectively and historically proven as a classical science in ancient Greece of Western Europe. So that’s the same Greece that gave us; mathematics, democracy, has provided the foundations for our current “medical science”, etc.

Astrology has therefore become the neglected child in Europe in the last 5 to 6 centuries of our era. Although some people present themselves as astrologers and do things like: looking at coffee grounds, star dowsing, medium, this is therefore explicitly not astrology.

By the way, before the Greeks used astrology in Western Europe, astrology was already a recognized science in: India (Vedic astrology) and China (Chinese astrology).

The European meaning of “astrology” does not properly describe Vedic astrology and Chinese astrology, but for the sake of convenience this synonymous translation is used to explain that the concept of astrology is older than is objectively recorded in Europe.

Astrology is therefore not looking at coffee grounds, but a systematic explanation of man and his circumstances in the total cosmos. Astrology and astrologers are therefore explicitly not infallible! That would mean that every astrologer is thus a life-giving god who determines; who, what, where, and how someone goes through life. Should you come across people who claim to be able to do so based on their “astrological abilities”; then our advice is to run away from these people! In addition, astrology is not a “dead science” and is therefore always subject to renewed insights and knowledge. Both on the basis of discoveries in the galactic system, as well as refined method(s) and / or improved method(s) to indicate astrological conditions. Astrology and an astrologer are a human being who understands how the influence of greater cosmic forces can affect a person and his life. Concrete example: a fisherman who takes into account the ebb and flow caused by the moon to go and come back with a good catch that enriches his life and that of others. Astrology is therefore not just looking at the coffee grounds.

How many kinds of astrology are there?

There are quite a few kinds of astrology. In general you can say that there are three main kinds:

  • Chinese astrology,
  • Vedic astrology,
  • Western astrology.

These three main kinds are more or less related to each other, however there is no substantial historical evidence of the direct relationship between them. But there are a striking number of similarities in the systems.

Within Chinese-, Vedic-, Western astrology we find subgroups of types of astrology. On this website we mainly deal with the main kind; western astrology and its subgroup of types.

Can you predict the future with astrology?

Most people are familiar with birth astrology from the newspaper, radio, television, on the Internet, and elsewhere through various media. However, this populist astrology form has nothing to do with real astrology. In short why; “The aspects mentioned are so general / mundane that the individual circumstances are not specified.” The single person who does are an exception.

There are several types of astrology: birth astrology, hour angle astrology, mundane astrology, eclectic astrology.

  • Birth astrology lends itself especially to reflect insightful on where you are at that point in your life and what the direction of your life mission is,
  • Hour angle astrology lends itself to answer specific questions, and to bring that into a horoscope,
  • Mundane astrology is used to chart the world and / or a specific geographic location.
  • Eclectic astrology is used to determine the right time to do or not do something and put it in the horoscope.

Please note; astrology is not psychology. But the sociological framework is an important part of an astrological interpretation; but absolutely not the astrological interpretation! This is one part, but there are even more parts that make the real astrology specific to the questions and / or person in question.

In short, astrology indicates a future development. How that circumstance is actually going to relate to someone’s life; thus depends very much on that person, his / her self-awareness, and his / her actions. If a person knows astrologically that he /she may encounter a circumstance in traffic the day after tomorrow that could indicate recklessness of himself / herself or others; then a first step to prevent that potential traffic accident has already been taken. Doing nothing with that astrological information therefore gives a possible increased risk of a traffic accident, acting self-consciously with astrological information can therefore prevent a possible traffic accident.

If astrology was and is a science then, why is it no longer a science now?

This question is typical of astrology. Ask yourself this rhetorical question: “How many recognized doctors and medical specialists do you know who have permanently cured the most known medical conditions such as: cancer, rheumatism, lower back complaints, but also psychological complaints such as; depression, personality disorders, obsessive neuroses, by means of treatment and / or medication?

That answer is simple; none of the doctors and medical specialists in this entire world can. But they are recognized medical science professionals, so why can’t they definitively cure 99% of all physical and psychological ailments, instead of the minimum estimated here: 0.01%?

It is the imposed collective social conviction and instilled (social) truth in most people: “That these medical scientific disciplines (after all, they are scientifically recognized, registered in a register, study for at least 8 years, etc, etc) permanently cured: 99% of all physical and psychological medical ailments on a daily basis. ”

But reality and actual developments indicate the opposite; this is not the case. Put it to the test and ask your general practitioner: how many patients have you permanently cured of their medical / psychological conditions so far in your career as a general practitioner? And ask him / her for the objectively placed scientific research that goes with it in or from, for example:

Now astrology. The chance that a good astrologer answers +/- 80% of the consultations more correctly than wrong is greater than the ability of doctors and medical specialists to definitively cure 99% of their patients from physical and psychological disorders. This may differ in percentages here and there, but the calculated in scientific percentages; that is a significant difference between recognized doctors and ordinary astrologers.

Can I also make an appointment at Astro Reflections for questions and / or a horoscope?

No, Astro Reflections does not currently conduct consultations. If you still want and / or need astrological advice, you can always e-mail us with the contact form on this website. We can then refer you to a reliable and good astrologer who can help you with your questions and / or life questions. That is of course completely without obligations and your own choice as to whether you do that, and what you do with the advice of an astrologer.